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Fl Studio 8 Stuff

2008-06-11 08:50:03 by alcatraz5

Just got FL8XXLP.E, and its really cool.

If anyone reads this, and has fl 8, goto

Plugin Database>Sampler>Sampler>Fl soundfont.

The only one it comes with is Papelmedia Strings.

Whice is what I used in B.E.S. and In between days.

The quality is amazing.

So me and anyone who can do a part in making a side scroller, can sign up here

Also, anyone in the mood for a full time commitment?

If so, contact me anytime to ask about starting a e-Flash Company, or joiing one already in the works.

If you would like to donate Graphics or action script, then feel free.Put them on a file host, and link them to the game topic.