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Collab Game in Making!Come help!

2007-07-24 22:56:35 by alcatraz5

So me and anyone who can do a part in making a side scroller, can sign up here

Also, anyone in the mood for a full time commitment?

If so, contact me anytime to ask about starting a e-Flash Company, or joiing one already in the works.

If you would like to donate Graphics or action script, then feel free.Put them on a file host, and link them to the game topic.


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2008-03-21 21:58:59

you are a really good auther and i love your songs.:}

alcatraz5 responds:

Thnx U :)


2008-03-23 13:43:11

Hi, I'm Gladiaus's big brother and I can help you in a collab. (Make pics for you) Go to my page, I have a pic that will be made sometime today.


2008-03-23 13:44:14

One more thing, I'll help you make pics for ur side-scroller.


2008-03-30 11:22:21

Hello? I'm gonna get a better art program because this one doesn't do anything except get people to say it isn't good. At all. Grr... Wait, what game topic though? Please send me it.


2008-05-03 20:43:18

Epic use of mind. Sounds interesting, I would offer my self for help in something by my time with my flash trial is nearing an end :\ I *could* come up with ideas though...